About us- Linn High Temp GmbH

Linn High Temp is a company offerring a wide variety of products on the highest technical level with an outstanding production depth.

Linn High Temp GmbH

Linn High Temp

The company Linn High Temp GmbH has been founded in 1969 through Mr. Horst Linn sen. as Linn High Therm GmbH and the business has been continued since 2014 from his son Horst Linn in 2nd generation. The company is headquartered in Eschenfelden (Bavaria) and was sold to STEREMAT Induktion GmbH in June 2023.

Linn High Temp GmbH is specialised in production and service of electrically heated heat treatment units for its customers worldwide. The special strength hereby lies in the development, conception and production of customized special units. A variety of standard products completes the product range and is the basis for cost-effective design based on a modular construction system.

LINN HIGH TEMP GmbH offers basically the following three heating technologies as well as combinations from it:

  • Resistance heating
  • Microwave heating
  • Induction heating

Linn High Temp GmbH looks back on 50 years experience. Continuous innovation, the keeping and increasing of knowledge and know how have been in the foreground ever since.

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Principles

Our vision

Quality determines our acting for a better future. We will pursue our business goals with passion and engagement. Our goal is to create the highest customer satisfaction with responsible staff.

Our mission

We are proud to execute in time qualitative and innovative units according to customer satisfaction with our sustainable action. We consider ourselves equally as service providers for customers, partners and colleagues. Motivated and solution oriented staff is eager to realize your requests and challenges! Always according to the motto: BURNING FOR YOU.

Our values and principles

I behave how I expect it from the others. Honesty and confidence are for us the basis for a respectful social interaction with each other. Through reliability and assuming of responsibility solution and cost oriented services are rendered. Open and appreciative communication ensures transparency over all business units.