Applications- Hardening

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The furnaces of the model series HK with useful chamber size 30 – 600 liters with max. temperatures of 1200 °C (optionally 1300 °C for high speed steels) are used for hardening, normalizing and other heat treatments. Special sizes up to several cubic meters of useful chamber are possible. The optional gas purging and housing of the outer insulation layers enable an extensive elimination of a scaling.

Smaller units for vacuum hardening or double chamber units are also offered by LHT.

For the inductive hardening Linn produces high and middle frequency generators. The standard power range for the high frequency units are between 1.2 – 10 kW. Special designs up to 100 kW. Middle frequency generators are built as standard units from 10 kW to 200 kW and max. up to 1000 kW. Inductors and quenching showers are also manufactured by LHT.

Automated units e. g. for hardening of waves is also included in the delivery program of LHT.