Applications- Shrink fitting

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Shrink fitting

Shrink fitting

For shrink fitting resp. shrink wrapping, high and middle frequency generators or our models HTG resp. MFG are used. An important application area is shrink wrapping of stators in electronic motor housings.

Due to extremely high energy transfer, inductive heating also enables trouble-free disconnection of shrink fitting connections in case of repair or maintenance works.

Apart from that, resistance heated air circulation chambers of the model KK-U with standard sizes up to 350 l or customer specific special designs with useful chambers up to several m³ can be used. Highly dimensioned air circulation fans enable fast heating up and a homogeneous temperature distribution even in case of relatively low shrink fitting temperatures.

In special cases – in case of suitable geometry of the material – tube furnaces of the model FRH can be considered. They are used as pusher type furnaces.