Applications- Debinding

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Linn High Therm produces debinding and pre-sintering furnaces for powder metallurgical, injection moulded parts (MIM Metal Injection Moulding, CIM Ceramic Injection Moulding) and additive manufactured parts (Additive Manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, 3D printing) by 3-D Printers using MIM or CIM feedstock. For metallic parts our protective gas furnaces of the model series KS-S and KS-Vac, Tmax 1200 °C, useful chamber 60 – 460 liters, special sizes up to appr. 2 cubic meters are used. Upon customer’s requests the furnaces can be equipped with gassing unit for different gases, with the necessary safety devices for hydrogen operation, condensate trap, heated gas outlet for avoidance of condensate, thermal after burning (TNV) and charging frames.

For injected or additive manufactured oxide ceramics high temperature furnaces of the model series HT-Super-Eco, useful chamber 60 – 180 liter, Tmax up to 1750 °C are used. For debinding these sintering furnaces are equipped additionally with an active air supply. This is distributed in the furnace via a system of ceramic tubes. The exhaust gases will be after treated thermally or catalytically.

For MIM and CIM and 3-D printed parts, which are manufactured with the catalytic binder system of BASF, Linn manufactures debinding furnaces with catalyst supply and thermal after burning.