Applications- Dewaxing

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For the production of fine casting moulds Linn High Therm quotes dewaxing furnaces. In the model series KK-DH dewaxing and firing of the moulds can be carried out in one working step. The furnaces with useful chamber 80, 170 and 1000 liters are equipped with rotary plates on several floors. Due to smaller doors for removal of the moulds you can work continuously and energy-saving. The molten wax is drained through the rotary plate axis and collected in a insertion in the lower housing part.

Also furnaces of the model series KK 50 – 2000 liters useful chamber can be used for dewaxing and subsequent firing.

For dewaxing also furnaces of the model series KK-U up to 950 °C with a useful chamber volume of 40 – 350 liter and drying units of the model series LHT up to 300 °C with useful chamber volume 32 – 1060 liter are used.