Applications- Fusion

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Glass fusion is effected in Linn furnaces of the model KK with a useful chamber from 80-1000 dm³ or the model KS with a useful chamber of 80-490 dm³.

If only a small useful volume is necessary, laboratory furnaces of the model LM (1-18,5 Liter) and VMK (1-25 Liter) can be used for fusion processes.

In continuous belt furnaces, glass tesseras are rounded by fusion of the breaking edges.

The machines of the model series Lifumat-Ox serve for Borat-fusion of oxidic mineral substances by inductive melting. For small to medium sample quantities the Lifumat-O-2,0T is used. The casting with this unit is done manually. In case large sample quantities are given the half-automatic Lifumat-O-Semi-4,0T-35 is used. After charging the crucibles up to 35 samples can be melted automatically.

In case very few samples are needed laboratory furnaces of the model series VMK and LM are used. Due to the chemical aggressive disintegrating agent some adjustments (exhaust, material selection) are useful.