Applications- Glueing

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Hardening of adhesive bonds can be realized in big Linn High Therm drying ovens of the model LHT with a maximum temperature of 300°C, useful dimensions from 30 to 1060 liter or in circulating air ovens of the model KK-UL with a maximum temperature of 550°C and a useful volume of 40-350 liter. Special furnaces up to app. 12 m³ as well as continuous furnaces can be manufactured by Linn High Therm according to customer’s requirements.

For activation of primers and for fast hardening of glues in production of cables and hoses with throughput speeds of 1-100 m/min, Linn High Therm manufactures resistance or infrared heated tube furnaces. For inductive heating, high and middle frequency generators of the models MFG and HTG are used. The high transfer rate in case of inductive heating enables small fitting lengths but requires a special coil design in order to guarantee sufficient cooling of the inductor.

If components have to be treated only partially, the technology of inductive heating is often used. For this, Linn High Therm manufactures items and high frequency generators and the inductors are adapted to the component. If the coil shall be led manually, the inductor can be connected with the generator via flexible lines.

From case to case, Linn High Therm can combine the single technologies and can additionally retrofit it with infrared heating.