Applications- Curing

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The curing of casting resin and coatings can be done in resistance heated air circulation furnaces of the model series KK-U or in microwave chambers (MKT model series) and continuous furnaces (MDBT model series). In addition for the specific customer’s requests also small rotary hearth furnaces are built for curing of potting materials in electronic modules. Additive Manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, 3D printing): LHT furnaces are used to cure synthetic material prototypes manufactured with 3-D printers.

For fast curing and achievement of a better adhesion of extruded insulation layers we use high and middle frequency generators of the model series MFG and HTG for cable production. The high transmission performance at inductive heating enables short installation lengths but requests a special coil design to guarantee a sufficient cooling of the inductor.

For curing of matrix plastic in thick-walled glass or coal fiber-reinforced components our microwave units have big productivity advantages due to high power density which is generated in the volume and not only on the surface.

Microwave chambers for continuous heating (MEK) allow the fast continuous curing of Glass-Fiber-Reinforced-Plastics (GRP) reinforcing profiles for light conductors.

For shortening of the mould cycle times during manufacturing of big building components (e. g. insulators) out of casting resin microwave flow heaters (model series MFH) are used. In case high-viscous liquids flow through a tube, a strong temperature profile is formed. By a special developed SINGLE MODE an almost uniform heating of the flowing medium is reached.

Depending on what is needed Linn High Therm can combine individual technologies and additionally we can complement it by infrared heating.