Applications- CVD chemical vapour deposition

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CVD chemical vapour deposition

Chemical vapour deposition (CVD)

As heater for chemical vapour deposition Linn High Therm tube furnaces of the series FRV and FRH are used. Larger retort furnaces with muffles of special casting alloys allow the deposition of hard-metal coatings, pyrolytic carbon and metals at temperatures up to 1100 °C under partial pressure. For deposition of protective layer for solar cells, protective gas/ vacuum furnaces of the series KS-S/ Vac in special sizes are used.

For the development of organometallic compounds as precursor for coatings and for wafer coating drying units in combination with high-frequency generators of the series HTG-1200 – HTG-10000 are used. Due to the drying unit the coating material in the quartz reaction tube is vaporized and the reactor walls are heated to prevent condensation. With the high-frequency generator the substrate is heated up to coating temperature.