Applications- Casting

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Induction heated fine casting machines Platicast-600P and Platicast-600P-VAC with casting weights up to 1000 g and Supercast/ Supercast-Vac with casting weights up to 4000 g of Linn High Therm are used for production of jewelry, medical technology and precision fine casting parts. Additive Manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, 3D printing): Additive manufactured, rapid prototype synthetic material parts can act as a mould for production of metal parts with our casting machines.

Due to the sophisticated high frequency technology and facility of adjusting precisely the melting and casting atmosphere (normal, vacuum, vacuum-protective gas) allow production of high quality precision parts by centrifugal casting of metals e.g. platinum, gold, silver, nickel brass, copper, bronze, steel and their alloys.

A further development are the precision fine casting machines of the titanium series HFS-3,3-Titan, Titancast-700P-VAC and Supercast-Titan which additionally allow also casting of titanium and titanium aluminides. The max. casting weights for titanium are 40 g, 350 g and 2000 g. For all casting machines of Linn we especially emphasize economy: High melting capacity at low energy consumption and simple operation.

For melting and keeping warm of magnesium and alumina alloys, resistance heated crucible furnaces of LHT are used. Casting weights up to 300 kg are possible. They are also used for cupelling of gold, silver and bismuth as source material for medicines.

Small inductive heated crucible furnaces for steel with casting weights up to 100 kg also belong to the production program of Linn High Therm.

Double induction units are used in the glass development. They allow a fast melting of source materials in platinum crucible and of portioned cast in several moulds.