Applications- Brazing

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Linn High Therm offers furnaces for brazing of metal-metal, metal-glass, metal-ceramic, metal graphite and metal-diamond.

Depending on the component, production requirements and quantity, protective gas or vacuum furnaces of our KS-S, KS-Vac range for maximum brazing temperatures of up to 1200°C (1000°C with vacuum) are suitable for brazing free of fluxing agent or furnaces of our HT-range or high vacuum cold wall furnace up to 1600°C for high temperature and active brazing.

Continuous belt furnaces under protective gas atmosphere (ammonia cracked gas, hydrogen) with maximum temperatures of up to 1150°C enable continuous mass production of brazing parts.

For inductive brazing, LHT produces LHT high frequency generators 150-500 kHz in power range 1,2 kW, 3 kW, 6 kW and 10 kW as well as middle frequency generators 2-80 kHz with powers from 10-100kW.

They are, among others, used in case of welding of car parts (air conditioning), pantographs of trains and electronic components (oscillating crystals). Due to a long experience in manufacturing of generators and inductors as well as due to the adaption to customer requirements, we can also solve difficult brazings, e.g. aluminum copper or inductive brazing in high vacuum (oscillating crystals housing).