Applications- Sample preparation for spectroscopy

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Sample preparation for spectroscopy

Sample preparation for spectroscopy

In the model series Lifumat of Linn High Therm there are two kinds of inductive heated machines combined for the sample preparation. The machines of the model series Lifumat serve for remelting and casting of metallic spectrometer samples and calibration standards. They are used in metallurgical laboratories, for quality assurance and for production control in steel and non-ferrous metal plants (copper metal) and foundries.

With the Lifumat-M-3,3P spectrometer samples can be manufactured in the standard sizes from 11 mm – 40 mm diameter. By blowing up of protective gas (Argon) an oxidation of the sample and the evaporating of alloy components is suppressed.

In case higher requirements on accuracy are needed, e. g. when controlling alloy components in the steel production, machines with vacuum casting arm (Lifumat-Vac) are used. By pre-evacuating of the working area and subsequent filling with Argon the losses of a alloy components is minimized.

The large machines of the model series Lifumat-M-6,6P and Lifumat-M-7,7P with casting weights of 1200 g respectively 2000 g enable to make calibration standards by the operator himself. They are also used in recycling companies as there larger sample quantities have to be remelted to determine saved average values. In case even larger sample quantities are needed, melting units with middle frequency generators of LHT can be used. Design and power are adapted according to customer’s requests.

The machines of the model series Lifumat-Ox serve for Borat-fusion of oxidic mineral substances by inductive melting. For small to medium sample quantities the Lifumat-O-2,0P is used. The casting with this unit is done manually. In case large sample quantities are given the half-automatic Lifumat-O-Semi-4,0P-35 is used. After charging the crucibles up to 35 samples can be melted automatically.

In case very few samples are needed laboratory furnaces of the model series VMK and LM are used. Due to the chemical aggressive disintegrating agent some adjustments (exhaust, material selection) are useful.

In smelting works often metals have to be remelted but also slags and other materials have to be fusioned and therefore LHT developed the combination unit Lifumat-C-3,3P-VAC. Which enables the inductive remelting and fusion of metallic and oxidic samples.