Applications- Directional solidification

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Directional solidification

Solidification (directional solidification)

Linn High Therm manufactures units for directional solidification of metals, e. g. titanium, titanium aluminide and nickel-base alloys. The units are designed according to customer’s specification.

They consist of a multi zone movable furnace. To be able to quench the samples fast they are equipped with a liquid metal (Indium-Gallium-alloy). The traversing speeds are normally in a range of 1 - 1000 mm/ h.

Directional solidification can be also reached in tube furnaces of the model series FRH/ FRV by simple decreasing of the temperature. The temperature gradient, however, is prescribed due to the natural temperature depression from the middle to the furnace end. The solidification front wanders from the middle to the outside during slow cooling down of the furnace.