Applications- Remelting

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Linn High Therm’s machines of the model Lifumat-M serve for remelting and casting of metallic spectrometer samples and calibration standards. They are used in metallurgical laboratories, for quality assurance and for production control in steel and copper metal plants as well as in foundries.

With the model Lifumat-M-3,3T, spectrometer samples in the well-established sizes between 11 and 40 mm diameter can be manufactured. By using protective gas (Argon), an oxidation of the sample and vaporization of alloy components is prevented.

If there are made greater demands on accuracy, e.g. in case of control of alloy components in steel production, units with vacuum casting arm (Lifumat-Vac) are used. By pre-evacuation of the working chamber and subsequent filling with Argon, losses of alloy components are minimized.

The huge units of the model Lifumat-M-6,6T and Lifumat-M-7,7T with casting weights of 1200 g resp. 2000 g make it possible to make own calibration standards. They are also used in recycling companies as it is necessary to remelt huger sample quantities in order to reach secured average values. If much huger sample quantities are necessary, melting furnaces with middle frequency generators of LHT can be used. Design and power will be adapted to customer’s requirements.