Applications- Crystal growing

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Crystal growing

Crystal growing

Linn High Therm manufactures units for crystal growth of III/V compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide Indium phosphide. The units are equipped with multi-zone heaters and work according to the VGF process (Vertical Gradient Freeze). Diameter up to 6 inch are possible.

For the production of silicon carbide single crystals, inductive heated sublimation reactors of LHT are used. Crystal diameter up to 4 inch can be produced.

Based on standard and special tube furnaces of the series FRV/FRH LHT builds units for the directional solidification according to the Bridgman - Stockbarger process.

Large inductive heated units of LHT are used for directional solidification of non-ferrous metals as well as for zone-refinement of Germanium.