Applications- Surface coating

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Surface coating

Surface coating

LHT furnaces are used for creating various coatings. They serve as vaporization aggregate or for pre-heating of the substrate.

High frequency generators of the HTG-range are used for inductive heating of vaporization ship for various materials. High frequency heating in the cold wall crucible also enables vaporization of substances at temperatures above 3000°C.

For development of metal organic compounds for substrate coating drying ovens are used in combination with HF generators. In this case, the substrate is heated in a quartz tube via an outside inductor. Quartz tube, substrate and inductor are inside the drying oven. It serves for vaporizing metal organic specifically and to heat the quartz tube in order to prevent previous condensation.

Furnaces of our KS-S range in special sizes of up to 4m³ serve for coating glass panels for solar application. The coating is specifically guided by a specific gas duct and a vaporization and condensation area on the outside. The coating material is retrieved.

Tube furnaces of the models FRV and FRH serve as heater for CVD furnaces for coat creation and volume precipitation of pyrolytic carbon.